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Christ Followers who make up the Church are referred to as the Body of Christ. A healthy body must have healthy body parts. The smallest parts of the body are cells, where nutrition and oxygen are exchanged. Likewise, we say, Life change (exchange) happens in the cell. Weekly small group meetings of Christians are the cells where we allow the Holy Spirit to reveal and apply Biblical truths to our lives and relationships.


These small group meetings are based around relevant Bible studies, personal sharing and caring, prayer ministry, and fellowship. This is an essential area of ministry development for the future growth and health of local churches. Churches need to grow larger and smaller at the same time. The groups are hosted by The Palms partners and exist for the entire community. We are committed to train our partners and others in leadership and ministry skills in obedience to Jesus command to make disciples of the nations. We're committed to laugh, cry, and celebrate with others as we,  "Do Life Together."



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