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"He who waters will himself be watered"


Proverbs 11:25

What we do with our money tells others who we are and what we do. When we tithe, we acknowledge the fact that God is in control of our lives. Tithe means 10%, and in the Bible, God challenges us to bring 10% of all we make back to Him through the local church.

When you tithe, you allow God to work in your finances. God knows that when you get an accurate handle on money, money will not handle you. Only then, will you find yourself in a place of blessing and abundance.

Our entire ministry here at The Palms is based on the tithes and offerings of you and friends of The Palms.  It is a misconception that a little won't make a difference.  Here it DOES!

* All designated gifts will be recorded as such when you donate. We are grateful for your support.

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Thank You for Partnering with US!

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