Bentley Adams Co-Children's Leader

A little bit about me, I am Bentley! I am the oldest of three children and I was raised that if you see a need, you do everything you can to fix it and take care of it; my parents instilled a love for service in me at a very young age. I can remember serving for as long as I can remember, I was good at it, and I enjoyed helping. I got saved when I was six years old, my mom led me to the Lord at a Missions Conference at my church. I got baptized the next year by my Senior Pastor.

I have never been afraid to share the love of God, I am BOLD for Jesus. I have nothing to lose, but if I keep quiet, that person has everything to lose.  God’s love for the world and what He can do in our lives drives me to love even deeper.

 I have been on multiple Missions Trips. I’ve been to Eleuthera Bahamas, Guiamaca Honduras (my personal favorite), and Montego Bay in Jamaica.

I have been through personal struggles with my family; and, even though, we have not had it easy, I’ve learned never asked God, “Why”, but ask God, “How”.  “How do I do this, how do I encourage my family, how do I stay strong, show me how, and I will.”

I love serving God’s people, I look for ways to serve with a smile. My mom always said when I was a child “serve with a happy heart and a cheerful spirit”, and I am so grateful that my parents love me as they do and for all the things they have taught me. I couldn’t be happier than when I am sharing the Good News of Jesus’ love. I want everyone to have what I have inside me - inside them. When you have something so great, you can’t help but share, right? Anyway, all Glory, Honor, and Praise to HIS name!


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